and they're back.

Happy Boxing Day! What is Boxing Day? Does anyone even know? Maybe you can explain it to me.
How was your Christmas? I hope it was merry and bright. Santa brought me a gold watch and some clothes, and my mom brought me a delicious Christmas dinner. She knows what it takes to win this girl over. And our Sacrament Meeting Christmas program was beautiful. My favorite part was when the bishop said he hoped someone got the chemistry set they asked for, and a five-year old boy yelled out, “I DID!” BYU wards lack so much because they don’t have a Primary.

So…the Sacramento Kings beat the L.A. Lakers tonight for their 2011-2012 home opener. And let me just say that I don’t think my family has ever been louder or our living room floor has shaken so much. This makes up for the last few years when the Kings were trampled on by the Lakers. And the win tonight was a sweet, sweet feeling!

And these two might be my new favorite players:

Lucky me, I get to see them on Thursday when they play the Bulls at the Power Balance Pavilion {Arco Arena sounded so much better. Why did we get rid of that name?}. Go Kings! Raise your glasses to a great season. At least we’re hoping so. Jimmer, I’m depending on you. Or else I’m going to be out of a lot of money by the end of the basketball season.

I kid.

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