april brings good things.

April is one of my favorite months, and I'm glad it's here. March was...less exciting than April will be. Here's why:

1. My family will be in town for TWO WEEKS!

2. A shopping trip in Park City with Mama

3. Graduation. Finally. And my family will be here to see it.

4. California and a Coldplay concert with some of these beautiful people, and a few more:

Only 24 more days! (The awesomeness of this picture from our last road trip can only hint as to how much fun California will be.)

5. I'm getting a new car by May 1. Hopefully. Anyone want a Passat? Please? I'll make you cookies.

6. Half-marathon training began today. It's going to kick my trash, because I'm not a runner. But we're doing it.

7. "Titanic" is in theaters again this month, and you can bet I'm seeing it.

8. Easter is on Sunday!

April is the gateway to summer, and hopefully by now we all know how I feel about summer, right? Have a happy Tuesday! I'm off to work.

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