i think i like today...well, tuesday.

Tuesday was a great day. Better than any I've had in a long time {we're not counting my California trip, because those trumped quite a few average days}. But it was a day that came when it was really needed, and I loved every single minute of it.

The day started off with a trip to the University of Utah hospital with Rachel R. to visit my roommate Rachel H., who had surgery last week. We had a tea party in her hospital room complete with Mimi's Cafe soup and of course catching up on what has been happening in Provo {answer: nothing}. 

Then Rach R. and I meandered down to City Creek, where I made her try my favorite brownies from Hagermanns. I think I have her convinced. 

After that, I spent the evening at a kiddie softball game. My friend is one of the coaches for the Racers, a team of the most adorable, pint-sized little girls you ever did see. It made me miss the many, many days I spent at brothers' baseball games and my tee ball games. All I needed were some sunflower seeds and I would have been completely set.

Taco Tuesday at Rubio's, dessert at Yogurtland, and matching J. Crew shirts finished off the first portion of my day. 

Once it got dark, about 30 of us headed up to the Clyde Building on campus, where I participated in a lovely game of Nerf gun wars. This was followed by a Slurpee and a couple hours of watching funny YouTube videos.

All in all, one of the very best days with the very best weather and the very best people.

Welcome, Summer. I've missed you.

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