i think you're pretty rad.

To you, summer, for being so dang beautiful. Have I told you lately that I love you? Because I do.

To you, immaculate refrigerator, for being like a bright ray of glorious sunshine whenever I open your door. It only took me two hours to clean you.

To you, perfectly worn-in pair of flip-flops, for allowing me to go as close to barefoot as possible when it is absolutely required that I wear shoes.

To you, McDonald's guy, for knowing that sometimes, a girl just needs an extra maraschino cherry in her chocolate milkshake.

To you, Mat Kearney, for being my new summer music go-to guy. And for losing the other "t" in your name. That's rad.

To you, paycheck, because you keep coming when I need you most.

To my little car, for the many miles I put on you during solo drives up Provo Canyon, just for kicks. 

To you, Costa Vida, for always being there when I need a good pork salad. Which lately seems to be all the time. 

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  1. Love these. Summer in Provo is the best--but I'm glad I'm not there because I also wasted waaaay too much gas on those Provo Canyon drives. It's really one of the things I miss most!