awkward and awesome: friday edition

I'm bursting at the seams with awkward stories for you all. But first, let's look at  the photo above. That would be the hood of my car. My friend Ben decided to have a little fun with red duct tape because he knew how excited I was about the new Batman movie coming out. And friends, it was E-P-I-C. Staying up til 4am to see it? Completely worth it. And without further ado...


1. The time that I was sitting in my apartment, maybe or maybe not lacking pants, when my landlord decided to show up to fix my broken AC. I have never bolted to my room faster. If your apartment was as hot as mine though, you wouldn't wear pants either.
2. When I was in the restroom at work, only to find that there was no toilet paper and I was completely, helplessly alone. I've never had an experience like that before. I feel like it's a right of passage. I have officially entered adulthood or something like that.
3. Two nights ago when I went to the grocery store after 11pm because I was starving. That wasn't the awkward part, it was when the cashier looked at my purchases (sushi, cinnamon sugar pita chips, and Americone Dream Ben & Jerry's), and asked me if I was just broken up with. ????? No, just obscenely hungry. 
4. Having a broken AC all week, and when people come over they're too nervous and/or embarrassed to tell me that my apartment is blisteringly hot. So they sit and sweat uncomfortably. 
5. When I find this delicious, easy recipe on Pinterest, buy everything for it, and happily throw it all in my crockpot. Then I go to work, eagerly looking forward to my dinner break. Once I'm on said dinner break, I rush home, dish up some of this delicious looking meal, and take a bite. Which I promptly spit out because this meal is disgusting. Slow cooker Italian chicken? Don't do it.

1. Finally having a working air conditioner. I will never, ever complain about my utility bill again.
2. The Dark Knight Rises. But we've already talked about that.
3. The Olympics are one week away. Bring on the snacks, British candy, and Ryan Lochte and Michael Phelps. 
4. Having my favorite second family come visit me in Provo yesterday, and reminding me how much I love kids. 
5. Utah's summer rain storms. There really is nothing quite like them. I don't know how something can be so frightening and beautiful at the same time. 
6. Getting to teach Sunday School this Sunday. Call me crazy, but I loved teaching Sunday School five years ago. 
7. When important people in my life come home. There are a few coming back from various adventures next week, and I couldn't be more excited about that.

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