sweaters and boots and jackets, oh my.

It's almost here. Can you feel it? I can. My favorite season of all time is making its way to good ol' Provo. Here's how I know:

1. School started on Monday. And for the first time, I really miss not being one of those BYU students I see marching along 700 East up to campus. Those were some great years. 

2. The mountains are just turning red, orange, and yellow. And it's beautiful. 

3. Cooler nights.

4. Target is overrun with school supplies, dorm essentials, and fall-colored candles. And children. So many, many children.

5. The peaches. Oh my goodness, the PEACHES.

6. Football. Maybe this year I'll attempt to understand it. 

7. Sweaters. And boots. And scarves. My paycheck is in trouble because I want them all.

8. My sudden craving for apple pie. And I don't even like pie. 

So, good-bye, Summer. You were a good one this year. I'm going to fight to hold on to your warm weather, your snow cones, and the last of my freckles. 

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