an epic green weekend.

How was your weekend? I spent most of mine feeling like this:

Happy and green and silly. Scott and I were awfully proud of our green pants and an attempt at some sort of jig?

I spent most of the day on Friday outside when I got a call from work saying they didn't need me to go in {!!!!!} so I celebrated by walking to a gas station and getting myself a Slurpee. It's the little things, you know.

Saturday was devoted to being outside again, playing catch, eating sandwiches, and all of that. Guys, Spring is SO my season. It's in my blood or something.

On to Saturday night. My friends and I went to the most legitimate, fun St. Patrick's Day party I've ever been to. The music, the food {corned beef!}, the dancing, all of it was amazing. The hosts are apparently Irish, so I figured they knew how it was done. Next to Christmas, of course, St. Patrick's Day is my favorite holiday. And I am all about making holidays a huge deal. Just come to my future house at Christmas and you'll see what I mean. So this party was right up my alley.

Some of what went down:
and then there was the knife fighting {with plastic spoons}. I guess it's big in Ireland? All I know is, there were shirtless men. So sign me up. I'll let you enjoy the next few pictures. 
I saved the best for last. Did you notice this little man in the pictures above? Because if not...here. He wins the night.
Soak that in for a second.
Here's us not looking very festive but sure feeling it.
And here's what we would look like if we were drunk. 

All in all, a fun, festive weekend. I got to celebrate my almost non-existent Irish roots {I've got one or two ancestors in there somewhere}, enjoy the sun, and get a few more freckles on my nose.

And with that, onto birthday week!

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