happy SPRING.

Happy first day of Spring! How are you celebrating?

Aren't these sunflowers beautiful? My roommate Brooke brought them home last week, and they've brought so much happiness to our little kitchen table.

I started celebrating Spring by waking up bright and early, throwing my blinds open and seeing...gray rain clouds. Not the kind of welcome I was hoping for, but it'll do.

I went to a yoga class, and the teacher turned the lights off so the only light coming in was through the windows. It was warm and it felt so good. Sometimes it surprises me how much of a workout yoga is. I can already tell I'll be sore tomorrow.

Now I'm making juice {have we ever talked about juicing yet?}, while listening to William Fitzsimmons as rain threatens outside. Guys, it's just a good day. Nice and peaceful, just how I like it.

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