of c.jane and gyms.

Did anyone else get completely thrown off by Daylight Savings? Or was it just me? No? You didn't glide through church like a zombie? Do zombies glide? Or do they kind of lumber? See what's happening to me here? It's 11:21pm and since my body is thinking it's past midnight, I have no filter and you get to read through my weird thoughts.

Anyway. Let's talk about the conference I went to this past Friday, hosted by BYU's Women's Services and Resources. Right after this paragraph should go the perfectly filtered iPhone picture of me and C.Jane. Except wait, I didn't get one. But! I got to hug her, which was almost just as neat. The conference was AHHH-mazing. I came away feeling so proud to be who I am, a woman who lives at a time when we really can change the world through our words, through our work, through the little people we have and raise, through our examples. 

One of the speakers, Jennifer Platt {who teaches religion at BYU, if you can, take a class with her!}, spoke about finding our life's purpose. That's something I've been thinking a lot about lately, and some of the things she said really inspired me. One of the things she really encouraged us to do was to write out a life mission statement. What do I want to accomplish while I'm here? What's important to me? How can I make those things a part of my life? Isn't that exciting? I've never thought about that before. So crafting an encouraging, motivating, inspired mission statement for my life is on the to-do list this week. Want to join? I'd love to hear what other people come up with. 

Here's hoping you had a great weekend, and that you've got a great week ahead of you. One of my goals is to hit the gym every day this week {encouraging words would be appreciated ;)}. I've got this theory about how I feel during each class I go to:

Body Combat or kickboxing: mess with me and I will jab, hook, and advanced upper cut you across the face.

Yoga: graceful. That's the only word that comes to mind with yoga. Whether or not I look graceful is a different story...

Pilates: hot dang, Pilates makes me feel strong and lean. I know a lot of people think it's a little wimpy, but my abs would like to argue with you about that while they hold the plank position for 3 minutes with alternating leg lifts, mmkay?

Zumba: I'd like to think I feel like Shakira, Beyonce, J.Lo, and all of that, but in reality it's more like this:

Okay it's really time I put myself to bed because this is getting weird. Have a great week!

Love you. 

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  1. Okay... brace yourself for a long comment haha... I'm so jealous and glad you got to go to the women's conference thing. I bet Courtney was just amazing. You are living my dream, getting to meet her and all haha. Also speaking of gyms, I went to Zumba on saturday morning and totally looked for you! But the class was SO STINKING FULL, I was having a hard time picking out faces haha. So if you were there, and we missed each other, sorry! Also... I went to that Body Combat class on Thursday morning, and I feel like I might have seen you there. I came in late, and left early, and I was super focused on my moves and NOT looking like and idiot (I don't think it worked haha), that I wasn't really paying attention, so... Sorry if I missed you there too! Anyways, I'm in support of this gym going thing! Let me know if you want to try Zumba again on Saturday morning! And now this is the end of my novel of a comment haha sorry!