#MIGHTYLOVE project.

My post from a few weeks ago about blogging, the internet, and social media and all the bad things that can come from them has still been on my mind, but I've also learned recently that so much good can come from them too, and I've decided that I want to use this outlet and other forms of media in ways that garner positive attention, that offer support to others, and that bring awareness to those who might need help.

Which is why I'm so excited to throw my support into Nat the Fat Rat's project, #mightylove. It's an amazing project that not only celebrates the women in our lives, but will raise money to be donated to battered women's shelters. Until Friday, April 12th, you can use Instagram, Twitter, and Blogger to post about the women you're grateful for, using the hashtag #MIGHTYLOVE. Once the project reaches 500 hashtags, Go Mighty will donate $500. Easy peasy, right?

Here are a couple of my posts so far...

500 for $500. Totally doable.