checking in and stuff.

Well hey there. Just checking in, ya know?

I know I've got to set aside time to actually write something that matters, but today isn't that day. I've been busy living the summer dream — drinking Slurpees, watching "How I met Your Mother," eating watermelons and strawberries and cherries, and working on my pathetic excuse for a tan. Summer is when my Scandinavian genes take over and I get all freckly. But! My mom informed me that she discovered some Jewish ancestry in our family this week. So. The Anderson side of my family really comes from just about everywhere. I don't know why that's important, but it is.

So much for checking in, now I'm rambling. I'm a pretty good rambler. Such is the nature of me having so much to say and not knowing how to say it.

I know I've said this before, but I'm claiming Summer as mine. It was made for me. Slow moving, unscheduled, stress-free, that's my thing. No shoes, no problem. Staying up until way too late? I'll claim it. Reading anything and everything because hey, I can. Random road trip to San Francisco next week to see and maybe plant a kiss upon the sweet, sweet face of John Mayer? Um...twist my arm.

Summer is mine. But I'll share bits and pieces with you and you and you, because we all deserve to wake up to sunshine or the occasional thunderstorm, to sit by the pool, and to eat unlimited numbers of snowcones. And because tans. And watermelons. And John Mayer.

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