Two posts in one day? Who am I? 

So yesterday I signed up to run the Ragnar Relay in Las Vegas in two months with some friends. Seriously, who am I. We know I'm not a runner. I've tried. But I promised myself earlier this year that I'd do a half marathon before I turn 25 {25!}, and while this isn't necessarily that, all my legs combined will be a little more than 13 miles. So I'll count it. Plus we know I'm all about the free t-shirts, and Ragnar comes with those and a MEDAL.

So as I've said quite a few times before, I never thought my body was made to do long distances. As a tennis player and dancer all growing up, I was used to shorter spurts of energy. So this is a little scary terrifying. But I'm also really excited to push myself. I went for a run today, and while it wasn't very long at all, it was a little tough. But I pushed through and as I ran up the steps to my apartment with the Rocky theme song playing {you know you do it too}, it felt awesome! 

So here's my question to anyone who might read this who runs {I'm still convinced the only people who read are my mom and dad}. How do you train for a 5K/10K/half marathon/marathon? I'd love the advice, and I'll love you forever. I feel like running is one of those things where everyone has their own opinion, so I'm trying to hear as many as I can. Please and thank you. Now I'm off to stretch my achey legs. 


  1. The best advice I've gotten is to do it every day. (And maybe use Sunday as your rest day.) I've noticed much more progress when I try to run a little bit each day, rather than running to see how far I can run and then trying to beat that goal the next time I run. Make sense?

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  3. Lift weights, cycle and swim! It's super important to cross train when you're training for a big run like this.... you will be less prone to injury and your joints will hold up much better. I'm especially a huge advocate of the weight lifting side :) Also, I'm definitely no personal trainer, but I've had bad knees for years and also been an avid runner so there's my two cents ha!

  4. I always find a running schedule online that starts at a distance I am comfortable running and then works up to my goal distance. Then stick to it! That's the hardest part, but I did that with both my marathon and half marathon and it worked really well. Good luck!