taking stock.

With summer giving its final farewell earlier this week, I thought it would be a good idea to check in with myself, to see how I'm doing. I found this list a few days ago from Sydney, and you know how I feel about a good list.

making: peace with the fact that I have to say goodbye to shorts and flip flops
cooking: pumpkin chocolate chip bread and New York style cheesecake
drinking: dirty diet Cokes and Starbucks salted caramel hot chocolate {these represent my internal struggle with the changing seasons pretty darn well}
reading: Harry Potter and Little Women...again
wanting: to take a roadtrip back home. To just get in my car and drive, solo
looking: at the leaves around these parts as they change each day
playing: John Mayer's "Paradise Valley" on repeat. It's the perfect album for transitioning from summer to fall {just listen to this one if you don't believe me}
wasting: too much time worrying
sewing: buttons back onto fall coats
wishing: that my car was completely paid off
enjoying: late night chats with friends. The best conversations always happen after midnight, right?
waiting: for my next big adventure
liking: season 4 of Downton Abbey {I'll send you the link if you want it...}
wondering: what I'll do on my day off this weekend
loving: training for Ragnar and that feeling of accomplishment that comes from each run
hoping: that someday I'll be able be better at expressing my feelings. Because I suck at it
marveling: at how sometimes people can disappoint you
needing: a great big hug every once in a while
smelling: the Heritage Pumpkin candle I just bought at Target. Holy smokes
wearing: this and thinking it's the best $20 I've ever spent. I'm calling it my Sergeant Pepper jacket
following: my feet — not quite sure where they're going, but knowing they haven't let me down yet
noticing: my sense of humor turn more and more into that of my dad's
knowing: that things always work out just how they are supposed to
thinking: that it's time to wash my poor little car
bookmarking: fall boots
opening: a package from my mom. They always make me feel like I'm that much closer to home
giggling: at this {over and over and over again}
feeling: content with everything

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