grumpy old men and the ones i love.

Tonight at work, once it started slowing down a little bit, something came up about good looking older actors. We went around and talked about who we found attractive {even some of the guys joined in on this conversation, which I found hilarious}. Richard Gere and George Clooney obviously made the list...duh...but I got a couple of confused looks when I gave my top three.

So here you go. The older men I have loved for the majority of my life:

Harrison Ford

First of all, I'm of the opinion that he has the best name in the whole world. It's just so...cool. And so versatile. You can see his name in a tux at a fancy dinner party making toasts, or wearing a leather jacket on the back of a Harley. Although I prefer my Harrison on the motorcycle. He's so cool that I won't even judge him for that stupid earring. 

Indiana Jones holds the biggest spot in my heart. From a young age I had a deep love for Indy. An adorably geeky professor who moonlights as a bullwhipping, fedora and leather-wearing archaeologist? That's my kind of superhero. 

Tommy Lee Jones

This one got me the weirdest looks. I like my old men to be grumpy with a soft spot and a dry sense of humor, and Tommy Lee Jones has got that in the bag. He's always the crabby cop, detective, man in black, or whoever, and at first you're a little bit terrified of him, but then you realize he's just a softie. That's how I like 'em.

Bonus: This is also the reason why "The Fugitive" is one of my favorite movies. Harrison Ford and Tommy Lee Jones together? Stop my beating heart.*

John Cusack

We probably can't consider John Cusack as older just yet, but he's on my list anyway. When I googled pictures of him to use in this post, this is the only one I found of him coming even close to smiling. I first fell in love with him when I saw "Serendipity," but that love really stuck when I watched "Say Anything." Since then it's been a dream of mine to have somebody recreate this scene for me:

He's just the perfect blend of moody and brooding, but with a soft spot for anything slightly sappy. He's always the underdog and the antihero. And he rolled up his sleeves on his trench coat about 30 years before Pinterest made it cool. So that's why I love him.

And there they are, my old men. Moody, grumpy, and geeky. I can appreciate people like that. 

And thus concludes the late-night ramblings of a girl who really just needs to go to bed.

*To see how all three of these hunks tie together, click here and read fact #23.

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