the end of it all.

I know I promised no more posts about BYU, but this is the last one. But {to me at least} it’s worth it. I took my very last final today, and I didn’t even find out my score. Frankly, I didn’t care! I just wanted to walk out of the Testing Center and end on a high note. So I did just that. And when I got in my car and turned my iPod on, “Everything’s Magic” by Angels and Airwaves was the first song to come on. Coincidence? Definitely not. I feel elated. I’m DONE!

When I got home, I checked the mail and found a nice little surprise. When I was 17 years old, my seminary teacher had us write letters to our future selves, and he would mail them to us whenever we wanted them. I wanted to receive mine at 22. And guess what came in the mail today? That letter. I read it in my car and might have cried a little bit. What a great day for me to receive it.

May 31, 2006

Dear Alexa,

Right now I’m sitting in Seminary, and Brother Davis asked the class to write letters to ourselves that he would send to us in the future. I thought it was a neat assignment, but a bit awkward, too. How do you address a letter to yourself? I want this to be sent to me in 5 years, so hopefully when I receive this, I will be 22. Wow! That seems like so far away.

At the time that I read this letter, I hope to be graduated from BYU, or at least almost done. I don’t know what I want to major in yet, but I know that when the time comes, I will make the right choice. Maybe I’ll be married! That’s a weird thought. If I am married, or if I’m dating someone, who is he? Is he a returned missionary? He better be!

But then again, I could be on a mission! If so, I hope that I’m doing all that I can to bring people to the gospel. I want to share the happiness that I have with others. The Church is the most amazing thing! Whenever I read the Book of Mormon or the Ensign, I feel very strongly that my Heavenly Father knows me personally, and that He loves me. If I have faith in Him, everything will be okay.

If I am struggling with anything when I get this letter, it will be okay! I just have to have faith, and do all that I can to grow closer to the Savior.

I know that you are doing great! I know that you’ve set and achieved every goal. Keep being your possible best. Keep strengthening your testimony. It’s something that you can have for the rest of your life, and beyond.

Never settle for less. If I am married, hopefully it was in the temple, and if I’m not married yet, keep looking toward the temple! It is the only way the reach the Celestial Kingdom, and it is the only way to be sealed to my family.

Just keep hanging in there, and look forward to the future with excitement!

Love, Alexa

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  1. This is cute I like this how come I am only just reading this?