calling all over-21 year olds.

Okay ladies and gents, I need your help.

For my internship at LDS Living, I was given the assignment to ask people for advice they would give to their 21 year-old selves, or what they wish they had known when they were 21. The magazine will be compiling the advice for a neat story. Which brings me to me begging you on my knees for your help. What would you tell a 21 year-old? What do you wish someone told you? It can be about anything: a mission, dating, when to throw away expired food, I don’t even care. Leave a comment here with your advice, email me, or email the editor and learn more about the story here.

I’m looking for guys, girls, singles, marrieds, young, old, whatever {we REALLY need guys. That means you, you male reader. Or maybe readers. I don’t know how many I have of the male variety}. Anyway, thank you for your help! If I know you personally and you live near me, I might even bake you cookies.

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