what i learned today.

1. Hot chocolate cures whatever ails you.

2. Bon Iver and John Mayer are the best music to listen to when you’re sick. “Holocene,” “Slow Dancing in a Burning Room,” and “Edge of Desire” were today’s favorites.

3. Do not take you car to get washed when you’re sick. But if you do, make sure your sun roof is not half open. Because your head will be doused with hot, soapy water.

4. Do not attempt yoga-like poses to stretch out achy, sick muscles. Whatever lives in your stomach that is upset will definitely get even more angry at you.

5. Keeping Up With the Kardashians wedding specials are the only things the E! channel plays between 9am and 4pm. I did not watch.

6. While it has more calories than anyone needs in one meal, the Chocolate Mood from Jamba Juice is sometimes what the doctor ordered.

7. Hot showers while playing the above mentioned songs when no one else is home is possibly the best thing ever.

8. Essie “Tart Deco” manicures brighten up a sick day.

9. Fleece is my best friend.

10. Sick days, while miserable, are the best for catching up on my reading. I’m convinced that we all should be allowed sick days at least twice a month, whether we’re actually sick or not.

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