working girl.

Cardigan, skirt, belt, watch, Target; shirt, J.Crew; shoes, thrifted

Hmm…bad picture, I know. But no one else was around to document Day 1 of my new internship so…this is the best we got. But I sure felt like a grown-up as I got on TRAX all by myself, got off on the South Temple stop, and walked into the Deseret Book corporate office. I have my employee I.D. badge and I’m set! I’m so excited for this internship. LDS Living is a great magazine.

And then I got back on TRAX to head back to Provo, and naturally I realized I had stepped in a huge wad of someone else’s gum. Stuff like this happens to me a lot. The normal person would probably wait until they are able to acquire a paper towel or gloves to get it off, but no, I picked it off with my bare hands. TMI? Maybe. But it was during the process of the gum-picking that I realized I had missed my stop, so I had to backtrack. Moral of the story: wait until you get home to get rid of the gum. But if you must, use your fingers and sterilize them when you get home.

Happy Tuesday lovelies! For those starting school this week, all I can say is…suckas!!! I kid, good luck. Sometimes I wish I still had classes to go to.
…But not really.

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