awkward and awesome.

Well, the above picture is a first.


1. Pulling up to the window of the McDonald’s drive-thru last night and having the cashier ask me, “Were you the car with the $38.56 purchase, or the $3.72 one?” So…did the car behind me buy the entire menu?
2. While filling out my bracket, learning that I’ve been pronouncing “Xavier” wrong my entire life. I assumed that, when speaking about the university, it is pronounced “Hahh-vee-air,” like it is when when you’re Spanish and can say it like that. I was strongly corrected and reprimanded by NCAA sports enthusiasts everywhere that no, it is in fact pronounced “Zave-ee-er.”  But to this day, the Spanish “Xavier” and “Joaquin” will forever be two of my favorite boy names. Maybe I just need to marry a Spaniard.
3. Walking through City Creek Center to get to my internship, and seeing a construction sign that says, “Warning: men working above.” I immediately look up to check for any falling construction workers. Oh hey look, “gullible” is written in the sky.
4. The uninhibited scream I let out yesterday morning when my roommate opened our apartment door only to have a cat dart right in. I promise I’m not afraid of cats, I promise I’m not afraid of cats…
5. Forgetting to go grocery shopping this week and realizing that, “Oh hey I’m hungry and I have no food.” Which results in the most bizarre combinations. Oatmeal, cherry Coke, and Girl Scout cookies for dinner, anyone? I promise I’m a good cook. Really, I am.
6. Being tall already and wearing 5-inch platforms. That’s just kind of awkward for everyone involved.

1. A massage. This Saturday. My first one ever.
2. March Madness has begun (see above photo), and I filled out my very first bracket. The Justesen family has decided to hold a bracket competition this year, and I’ve got a feeling that I’ve got this in the bag. How did I pick my teams? Based on names I like the best. Next year I’m picking based on the attractiveness of the coaches.
3. Spring. Is. Here. Finally. My pasty white legs are jumping for joy.
4. Little sister is coming down for my birthday weekend!
5. Birthday weekend. I’m a strong believer that when your birthday falls on a Friday, Saturday, Sunday, or Monday, making a mandatory 4-day weekend is necessary. And mine’s on a Saturday this year, praise the heavens. I could use a few days of celebration in my life.
6. Last weekend I got to bottle-feed baby lambs on my grandparent’s farm. There is absolutely nothing more adorable than a little lamb in your lap, drinking from a bottle. Well, maybe unless it’s a human baby. That would be pretty adorable, too.

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