in which i write a letter.


Dear Tomorrow,

Today was one of those days. The kind of day when I want to go home, put on some athletic shorts and crawl into bed, and wait for you to get here. Unfortunately, I couldn’t. Today was the kind of day when I couldn’t seem to find motivation to do much, even though I had quite a bit to do.

I promise, Tomorrow, that I won’t waste you eating pizza that I don’t need (even though the pizza I ate today was delicious) or being lazy. I promise that I’ll spend some time with you at my Pilates class, which I’ve been neglecting for a little while. I’ll spend some time cleaning my room, because I think my floor would like to show its face again.

I promise to serve someone tomorrow. So many people have been so nice to me this week, and I need to do the same for others. So Tomorrow, in my prayers I hope you remind me of someone who needs me. Deal?

In the meantime, thank you, Today, for letting me see a beautiful sunset on my drive home from Salt Lake. Thank you for letting me spend time with my brother, which made me feel just a little bit closer to home. Thank you for playing the song below on my iPhone, because I needed to hear it. It’s going to be my anthem.


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