friends and family.

Sometimes I take my friends for granted. I know they’re there and I know they care about me, but sometimes I don’t realize just how much. But then, something pretty difficult and sad happens in my life and they come out of the woodwork. In the last couple of days I can’t express to you the gratitude I’ve felt toward the people who have offered to do anything for me, whether it be taking me to get food or taking me on a drive so that I can just talk while they listen. I can’t express the gratitude I’ve felt for friends who tell me they want to see me so unbelievably happy, because I deserve that. Or the friends who remind me that I will be okay, because Heavenly Father has a plan for me. Realizing what that plan is can be a frustrating experience, but I have friends who keep gently pushing me along, reminding me that no matter how hard it is, I can do it. Thank you, friends.

Sometimes I take my family for granted, too. I’m grateful for a mom who lets me call her whenever I need to, and for a dad who is full of all kinds of wisdom. I’m grateful for siblings who come to the table and remind me of who I am. I’m grateful for grandparents who are so happy to let me come visit them this weekend and play with their new baby lambs, and for a grandpa who is willing to give me a much-needed blessing. Families are an amazing thing, aren’t they? I don’t know where I’d be without mine.

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