awkward and awesome.


Just a snapshot from my week. As you can tell, food was on my mind.

- Doing a tough glutes and thighs workout, and the next day taking about 3 minutes to walk down a flight of 10 stairs. A painful groan accompanied each step. Someone get me a walker, please?
- Standing in the dressing room at Target only to have the lady in the room next to me, with her PHONE ON SPEAKER, discussing with her husband/boyfriend/significant other the graphic details of her earlier lady doctor appointment. No thanks.
- Going to dinner with a friend, showing up at the restaurant only to have her ask me, “Are you sick? You look terrible.” Nope, clean bill of health and a conscientious effort to shower and do my hair that day. Grooming fail.
- Running into Smith’s to grab a bag of heavily-craved Cadbury eggs and running to a check out line, where the cashier tells me, “I don’t think I’ve ever seen anyone run in here so fast, grab what they wanted to fast, and pay for it so fast.” Maybe a compliment, but maybe more of a backhanded insult. I’m still not quite sure. At least we know I know my way around the grocery store, or at least the candy aisle.
- Writing a story about the 100 year commemoration of the Titanic at my internship, which naturally comes with Titanic-filled dreams of me sinking every night. Waking up in a cold sweat after thinking you’ve just drowned is not so fun.

-Cadbury eggs.
- My sweet new editing job that I start tomorrow. And that I get to wear jeans to it. And…that I’m now thrice-employed with another new job as a freelance editor. New Macbook computer, soon you will be mine.
- Deciding to make brownies one Sunday afternoon, going to a meeting, coming home, and finding my roommates also making treats. This was followed by hours of eating said treats and watching classic Disney movies.
- It’s going to be 55 degrees next week in Utah. 55. I’m not going to mention the 75 it has been for the last week at home, but FIFTY-FIVE. Spring is coming.
- The 23rd birthday is in 23 days. Yikes.
- Cap, gown, and stole of gratitude ordered. April 20th, I’m going to walk all over you.

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