bringing up bebe.

No, I’m not a mama. No, I’m not planning on becoming one for a few more years. But I read this blog post recently on A Cup of Jo, and it really got me interested. There’s a new book out called “Bringing Up Bébé,” about how parents in French culture raise their littles.

Now, I love America, and I love being American, but I have to admit that there are some things in American parenting culture that I don’t understand. Addiction to video games? An iPhone for an eight year-old? Childhood obesity? No thanks. Not for my littles! This article in the Wall Street Journal lays out some of the strategies French parents use when it comes to raising children.

For example, French parents allow patience to play a big role. Children are taught to wait. There is no such thing as instant gratification. Personally, I think every child needs to learn this. Too many people grow up getting what they want right when they want it, and don’t understand the value of working or waiting for a reward. And when French children are told “no” {or in this case, “non“}, they listen and understand. But is this only in French culture? Or is this just good parenting that can be applied universally? I’m kind of excited to get my hands on this book, even though there won’t be any bébés around here for a little while. What do you think?

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