europe! i'm going to europe!

Well, that's the dream, anyway. The little sister {Whitster, as she will lovingly be known here from now on} and I decided tonight that next summer we would like to take another excursion to Europe. Both of us have been there twice, but we each know different countries better than the other one. So we'll be playing tour guide for each other. The one country that we'll be conquering together will be Spain. I've been DYING to go to Espana. 

Really though, with all those colors, why would you not want to exist there? And after years of hearing my dad and returned missionary friends speak variations of Central/South American/Mexican Spanish, I'm dying to hear Spanish Spanish. People make fun of it, but I honestly think it's beautiful, lisp and all. 

Shoot, I'm excited for this. I love America and I'm proud to be an American and all that, but Europe is my place. Cheesy, I know, but it is. Today in Sunday School we were asked where in the world is truly beautiful to us, and yes, California and San Francisco and some of my favorite places jumped into my head, but London stuck. I think it is the most beautiful city on this here earth. And not just because of the incredible architecture. For me, it's the people and the culture and the history. And the fact that 75% of my ancestors came from England, so I'm kind of obligated to love it. Agree or disagree, it's my place.   

So it's time for me to bust out a mason jar and put my pennies in it. Because a year from now, the Sisterhood of the Traveling Justesens will be hitting Europe {and in the meantime, we'll be coming up with a better name for said trip. Suggestions are encouraged, as we all should know by now that I'm about as creative as a rock}.

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