awkward and awesome.

Ready? Steady? Here we go.


1. Navigating through Target, pushing a shopping cart holding a bookcase, knocking people out of the way on accident. I'm sorry, guys.
2. Trying to sell your car and realizing very quickly that you don't know much about it. A timing belt? What is that? Miles per gallon? Um...it's...good?
3. The creepers that call about wanting your car. You're a Nigerian prince? Yeah...I'll pass.
4. The people at Costa Vida know me. I'm a regular. I have a "usual" (small pork salad with no beans, thanks). Although, maybe that should go under the "awesome" category.
5. Introducing yourself to the same person twice. And learning that when it comes to meeting new people, you are horribly, horribly awkward. Let's just hope it's the endearing kind.


1. I have a "usual" at Costa Vida. There. This can go under both categories.
2. Old Navy is KILLING it this fall.
3. Test driving a brand new car. Nothing will make you feel more like a grown-up...until you figure out what your monthly payments are going to be. Then it's back to wishing you still lived at home.
4. Imagine Dragon's new album. Highly recommend when you need to be put in a good mood.
5. Fall. And apple and pumpkin-scented everything.

Have a lovely Thursday!

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  1. Oh gosh, I've definitely been there when it comes to introducing yourself to the same person twice. ha
    xo TJ