happy thanksgiving back.

Well, 1/2 of the holiday season is over. How was your Thanksgiving? We spent it here in good ol' Provo, wearing lots PJs, watching the parade {Jimmy Fallon sang on a float and I about died}, the dog show {a personal favorite}, and eating. Like a family of bosses. Game night included lots of cheating {from Mom, I'm so proud}, but that's nothing new. Cramming six people in my mini apartment felt a little small, but I'm grateful to have my family up here. We kept dinner pretty small because we're not big stuffing/yams/cranberry sauce/pumpkin pie eaters, which makes cooking dinner pretty convenient when we all hate the same stuff. But it was delicious anyway. 

There are lots of things I want to give thanks for this season, including a good job and a regular paycheck, my incredible roommates and friends, a car that runs beautifully, a calling that pushes me to be my very best, amazing counselors and a secretary who are my brains when mine aren't functioning, and the gospel. There are also some silly things, like chocolate chips, Netflix, the little library I'm building for myself, stripes, and Tina Fey. And pretzel M&Ms. 

We skipped out on all the Black Friday mayhem this year. Put me in a long line, or a crowded store, or a pile of people, and you'll find me squatting on the ground with my hands over my ears, rocking back and forth. I imagine that Black Friday is a glimpse of what a zombie apocalypse might look like. I do not do crowds. Or lines. Which is why I think the Fast Pass at Disneyland and ordering Costa Vida online are two of the smartest ideas ever. Which is funny to me because in most other ways, I'm a pretty patient person. But when I can legally cut a line, you know I'll do it.

And now, for a Justesen photo dump.
On our way to see "Lincoln." This movie, while amazing, proves that just because you're attractive as all get out doesn't mean you can pull off a mustache {I'm looking at you, Joseph Gordon-Leavitt}. 
Drooling over Colbie Caillat during the parade.
We have rolls! All the rolls!
This was our last Thanksgiving with this face until 2015. :(

If you're looking for me, I'm eating leftover turkey, listening to my perfectly perfect playlist of Christmas music, and hanging up some twinkle lights. All at the same time. I hope you had a great Thanksgiving!

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