coming home.

 Road trips. I love them and I hate them. This was taken about four hours in, when we had listened to every Christmas song, exhausted every car game, and I had eaten my way through half the bag of sour gummy worms and took it upon myself to annoy Tyler in any way I could. 
 This photo is just begging for a great caption {something about childhood obesity in California?} but I'm drawing a blank. Anyone?
The Sierra Nevadas are like nothing else. 
I love coming home and seeing my favorite people, eating my favorite things {mandarins}, and sleeping in the guest bed. My parents moved after I left for BYU, so I don't have a bedroom at their house. But the guest bed has some sort of magical property in the mattress that gives me the most amazing sleep, and it just can't be recreated anywhere else. In fact, I think it's about time for me to go hop in there right now.

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