christmas in this city.

Today we spent the day in San Francisco, and it was so unbelievably perfect I couldn't believe it. This city at Christmas...it's something else. You'll kill me because I'm going to post about a billion photos, but all of the decorations and the music around Union Square just got me feeling so festive-y and Christmas-y that I just couldn't stand it.

We spent a lot of the day hanging out on Russian Hill, where we got pizza {eat at Extreme Pizza and you're welcome}, and browsed some of the stores. I got a little bit obsessed with the Christmas trees but...come on. How can you look at these and not have your heart grow three sizes too big?

And now for the tree portion of this post...
Are you sick of me yet? I hate when people say "sorry I'm not sorry" but...it's true. I wish I could just bottle up some of the feelings I felt today {feelings! Normally I don't like feeling feelings!} and pass them to you. I don't think it matters what city you're in, there's just something about them during the holidays. It's pretty darn special. And just to finish off your annoyance with me, I have one more. 

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