As I'm throwing away crumpled wrapping paper pieces and packing up to go back to Provo, my mind is on what's next. Christmas is now behind us, and next week starts something new. A new week, a new month, a new year. What's that going to mean to me? I always like to wonder where I'll be in X amount of time, and 2013 will be no different. Where will I be on December 26, 2013? How different will life be? Drastically? A little bit? Not at all? I'm hoping for the first two.

As we all should know by now, I'm a list maker. I like the look of lists, I like crossing things off when they're done. Essentially, my mind wouldn't function without the lists. And writing new year's resolutions are no different. I usually get pretty detailed with my resolutions {I create genres and subgenres. WHO AM I?}, but I'll spare you that boring list and put some of my favorites, the ones I'm most excited about, on here. That way, if I'm failing, I'd like to think you'd let me know, right? Promise? Perfect. 

1. Read The Book of Mormon all the way through at least twice
2. Go to the temple at least twice a month
3. Work towards getting certified in yoga or Pilates instruction
4. Find somewhere to volunteer and go regularly
5. Do better at balancing and saving money
6. Pick up a new crafty hobby
7. Learn to play the ukelele
8. Make eating healthier and working out more of a priority

So...there's the list. Think I can do it? I'm sure hoping so. I love the new year, and I've got a good ol' feeling about 2013!

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