24 things for my 24th year, 9-16.

9. Go on a roadtrip by myself. For some reason I've always thought it would be fun to drive back to California or somewhere else alone, with just myself, some peace and quiet, and a few books on CD.

10. Finish journal #8. I've been consistently keeping a journal since I was 11, and I've been writing in my current one for over two years. It's time to finish it.

11. Start having my journals made into books. Cool right? I figure my progeny would appreciate it {what a cool word, progeny}.

12. Buy a sewing machine. My mom made things all the time for me when I was little, including dress up clothes, Halloween costumes, and oh-so-fashionable church dresses, and that's a talent I'd like to master.

13. Master a difficult recipe. I've always loved cooking and I've collected some pretty impressive cookbooks over the years. There are a couple recipes in these books that I'm a little too terrified to try out because of the level of difficulty, but I'm going to do it.

14. Be more artsy-craftsy. This kind of goes with idea #12, but I've never been into crafting. I can appreciate a good craft, but the patience and talent to make something, I don't have. But how neat would it be to have some bangin' curtains or a bedspread or something and say, "Yeah, I made that."?

15. Watch "Star Wars" and "LOTR" all the way through. I've never been a science fiction/fantasy person {other than Harry Potter, of course}. Indiana Jones? You bet. Han Solo? Not so much. I've been told countless times I need to watch these trilogies all the way through without falling asleep. So at some point this year, I'm going to pick a Saturday, plant my flag on a couch, maybe wear a Snuggie, and watch. Want to join?

16. Get regular dental/medical/skin check-ups. Maybe this is TMI, but there are a few illnesses floating around in my extended family that I don't want. So this is going to be a priority.

The final list, 17-24, tomorrow! To see 1-8, click here.

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