cabin fever.

Happy 2013! I hope you all had fun partying, watching the ball drop, getting your mack on, or what have you. ;) I met up with a couple of friends and we turned the quad of my apartment complex into a little campground, complete with homemade fire pit and marshmallows the size of my face. We finished ringing in the new year by lighting up a dried-out Christmas tree. All in all, pretty special. I wish I could describe how pretty the snow was. It almost looked like glitter falling from the sky. I've ever seen anything like it.

I got back to Provo the other night {such is the life of a grownup. Three week Christmas breaks don't exist anymore}, and the place is a ghost town. I had the grocery store entirely to myself the other day, which I can't complain about because that meant there were plenty of boxes of Golden Grahams, and that isn't always the case. You really can't ask for more, can you?

Call me crazy, but I'm a little excited that no one is around this week. Sometimes, I just like being by myself. I don't have to answer to anyone, and if I don't wash my hair and live in sweats...meh.

There's one downside to being alone in my smallish apartment with blizzard-like conditions outside, and that's MAJOR cabin fever. And because I can't-slash-don't want to brave the snow by driving in it, I've been sitting inside. Which is fun for the first, I don't know, two hours, but I like being outside, going places, and doing things. That hasn't been happening.

So I've found some things to occupy my time and give me something to do when I'm not working. I don't know how many times you really need to clean your bathroom each week, but let's just say mine is about as disinfected as it gets.

"The Big Bang Theory" is my new TV show of choice. I tend to get hooked on shows once they've already ended or they're about five seasons in {hello "Med Men" and "Lost"}, and since I'm all caught up on "How I Met Your Mother," I needed to hop on another bandwagon. While catching up on an episode or seven a few nights ago, I had the realization that I must be a total geek because I think it's hilarious. And I'm convinced that those guys are babes in real life. Have I mentioned how I feel about facial hair? Someone find me a nerd with some scruff, pronto.

I've also been reading a lot. I'm working through "Outliers," by Malcolm Gladwell, and it's fascinating. Seriously, I think everyone needs to read it. I'm also reading "Gone With the Wind" again. The 1,200 pages are a little intimidating, but I've done it before. 

So here's to a new year, with new, exciting things. I've got some fun projects in the works, and I'm pretty excited about them. My horoscope says this year is going to be pretty darn amazing {I don't believe in horoscopes at all, but how could you not want to after seeing this?}, so of course I'm putting all my faith in that. ;) Happy New Year, friends!

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