january is the pits.

January hasn't ever been a month I love.  Once New Year's Day is over, I'm done with it. Especially in Utah, where it's so bitterly cold. And this year was no exception. In fact, it might have been colder this January than any other I've been here for. I spent most of the month looking like this:

The weather decided to trick me today. The temperature hasn't been above 25 degrees in weeks, and today it just up and went to 40. So when I went outside, it felt warm. Warm enough to turn to AC on in my car. That is not okay!! Where I come from, 40 degrees requires a scarf, jacket, and gloves. We're wimps, but what can you do?

Luckily, February starts next week. Which means we'll be one month closer to SPRING. Which means we're that much closer to SUMMER.

If this month has taught me anything, it's that I need to save up for a trip somewhere every January. Now I understand why this is the month most people travel somewhere tropical.

Things I have to look forward to in February:
1. Mom and Dad are coming up here next week for a visit
2. Devin will get his mission call! {I'm claiming Asia}
3. A spontaneous trip to Breckenridge, Colorado, that Rachel and I planned last night
4. Valentine's Day {this is an excuse for me to just be a sappy romantical, which I'm normally not}
5. Cadbury eggs will start to be sold in stores for Easter

What are you excited about?

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