crazy about march.

This is what my hometown looks like right about now.

It's only the 3rd, but so far March is shaping up to be the best month. How can I tell? Because at 6:45 this morning I drove my roommate to the airport, and as we were driving we witnessed the most beautiful sunrise. If I hadn't been driving and feared risking my life, I would have taken a picture. But I have a hard enough time multitasking when my life isn't in my hands so...I'll let you picture it. 

Today I drove with the windows down for the first time in months. Guys, it's on its way. March is ushering in the best of all the seasons!

And with that best season comes birthday month! This is the year of my golden birthday, and I'm taking the entire month to celebrate that. That's okay, right?

February was a month that had its highs and its lows. And I'm ready for March to just bring steadiness. The weather will even out, I've got things to do, and at the very end of it I'll come out a little older and a little wiser. 

So here's to you, March, and all the goodies you've got in store. :)

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