the summer of the mountains.

I didn't grow up near the mountains. I had lakes, rivers, oceans, and rolling hills, but no mountains. When I first came to Utah, the mountains scared me a little. They're tough and rugged, these gargantuan beings that are always in my line of sight, always watching. They never go away. But in the last few months I've come to love them. I've come to love them so much, that when I go home and realize that my line of sight isn't obstructed by them, I miss them.

I've also never considered myself as the outdoor type. But ever since the weather has warmed up, all I've wanted to do is be outside, to retreat to the mountains that once used to intimidate and scare me. To hike, to climb, to marvel at how small I feel when I'm in them. Sometimes I need to be humbled like that. :)

This morning I took a solo trip up to the mountains, just as a little, much-needed retreat from life. Once I enter that canyon, I can feel the reality of my life stop. It can't follow me when I go to my mountains. My mountains don't let it enter, because my mountains know that I'm coming to them for an escape. These massive things that once used to scare me are now my protectors.

But really though, how can you beat that photo? I wish it did the green-ness justice, but it can't. As I drove through the canyon to get to my destination, I'm pretty sure my jaw had dropped all the way to the floor of my car. It's that gorgeous right now.

For me, this will be the summer of the mountains. These mountains are going to get to know me, as I explore and discover them. We're going to develop a relationship with each other, me and these mountains. And for that I couldn't be happier.

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