the dynamic quad.

As I was thinking about it today, this photo above might be the last one of the four of us together as we are right now. When Devin comes home in two years, there might be some new people and the family dynamic will be completely different. That thought is a little bittersweet, don't you think?

I love the four of us. I love Tyler, the quiet, observant older brother, who influenced me in every way possible — music, movies, food, etc. I miss driving with him in the early morning hours to Seminary in his Jeep, where we bonded over all sorts of things once our tiredness wore off. We both share the trait of not wanting to talk to anyone for a few minutes after we wake up, and we were both aware of the consequences if one of us tried to make conversation too early. ;) I love his willingness to listen, and I love most his unexpected, hilarious one-liners. The guy is FUN-NY. I'm so lucky to have him here with me whenever I need him.

I love Whitney, the vibrant, curious little sister, whose love for travel and art inspires me. She can take a photo like no other, and her singing voice is divine. I've never met someone who is so able to stand up for herself and others. The girl is fearless, and so kind at the same time.

And I love Devin. Sweet, sincere Devin. Devin, who is so excited to change the lives of people in Tokyo. I don't think you could ask for a better youngest. He's the very best. He is what made our family complete, the mac to our cheese, the cherry on our sundae. He can be relied on to liven up any situation, to bring a smile to anyone's face. He's just the sweetest, and I miss him fiercely.  

I'm sure lucky to have these three. They are my people. We get each other, we rely on each other, we share our parents' personality traits and looks. We all have the same offbeat sense of humor and sarcasm that can probably be attributed most to our dad. 

Families are the greatest, aren't they? Here are some more photos saying good-bye to this sweet guy:

^^ Here you have him, always willing to lighten up a sad moment. :)

^^ Our awesomeness can be attributed to these two people because they're pretty great.

 ^^ So ready to go!

 ^^ See you on the flip-side, Elder Justesen. You're going to be missed.

And happy birthdays to Whitney and Tyler this week. You both deserve the very best!

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