waterfalls and how i chased one.

I think today was the first day of Fall. A little early, I know, but it sure felt like it. I woke up to rain, crisp temperatures, and the unexplainable need to wear boots. And I loved it. For how much I've loved this summer, I think I'll love this Fall almost equally. Just almost. 

This week I've been doing some closing ceremonies of sorts. I've been trying to finish up everything on my summer bucket list before it gets too cold, and I'm a little bit proud of how successful I've been! It's kind of great to have friends who always want to do things. 

Yesterday a few friends and I hiked up to Stewart Falls, at the base of Mount Timpanogos. And it was BE-autiful. The trees are turning that golden yellow that comes with early Fall, and I'm a big fan of it. And being with friends that you love just makes hiking all that much more fun, you know?

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