today i want to remember...

...that the peaches from Allred's on University Avenue are just about the greatest things to grace Provo these days.

...that school starts today, so I need to pay attention to crosswalks while driving in my neighborhood. And stop shaking my fists at the students who dart in front of my car thinking that I'm going to stop for them.

...that I loved every single second I had at BYU, and days like today make me miss it like crazy. 

...that reading the scriptures when I wake up really does make my day that much better.

...that I love and appreciate how seriously Mexican restaurants in Utah take Taco Tuesday. 

...that there's something magical about beginning to read the Harry Potter series again on September 1.

...that I probably need to stop Snapchatting so much.

...and Instagramming. But I probably won't.

...that Fall is pretty much the greatest. After summer. 

...that hot chocolate season is on its way here.

...and pumpkin-flavored EVERYTHING. 

...that I've already got a kick-a Halloween costume planned. #waitforit #itsgoingtobelegendary

...that hashtags don't work on blogs.

and that's all. I'm off to eat a peach and read. Gosh I love you, Fall. 

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