Apparently you're not a Justesen unless you're dressed for a funeral at all times.

Merry Christmas Eve eve! This weekend my little sister Whitney graduated from BYU Idaho. How in the world is she old enough to do that? It was fun to drive up to Idaho and spend some time with my family as we celebrated her huge accomplishment. Whitney is a talented photographer {you can see her work and book her here}, and for her final project she did a piece about the seasons. And they were BEE-AUTIFUL. She had a different model represent each season. My favorite was her Fall segment. Her model had this flaming red hair, and it fit in so well with the autumn-colored leaves. Gah. I wish I was that talented.

Isn't she cute?

I wish my photos were better quality {horrible lighting will do that to you}, but I asked Whit if she'd send me the actual photos she used so I can post them here. 

Congratulations, Whitster! We sure are proud. 

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