palo alto.

Drumroll please.........

So my big news is that in two weeks, I'm moving to Palo Alto, California! It's funny, that's actually the place I was born in, and for some reason it seems a little bit ironic that I'm going back. But it just feels right, you know?

For a long time I was terrified of leaving Provo, especially of leaving Provo with that one terrifying word attached to me...single. I honestly never thought I'd see that happen. I fought leaving as long as I could, just to see if maybe someone would come along and erase that word from my mental list of my self-perceived flaws. And while I've dated some incredible guys {and some not-so-incredible, as one does}, it became clear to me that maybe he isn't in Provo. Maybe he is somewhere else. And after some time, I came to accept that idea and be okay with it. Maybe I wouldn't have that "fairytale" BYU wedding that you always hear about growing up, the one that I was so sure would happen for me when I entered Helaman Halls six years ago.

And you know what? It's fine. I'm going to be okay. And if you made the leap like I'm about to, you'll be just fine, too.

I've learned that when we're doing what feels right to us, things generally fall into place. I decided a month or so ago that the Bay Area is where I want to be, and everything seemed to take care of itself after that. I found a great house with some great girls, my contract here sold, I've got some potential jobs lined up. For the last year or so I'd been fighting this feeling that NOTHING was working in my favor, so it was so refreshing to see things happen the way I needed them to.

Tonight I went through some things I've saved over my years at BYU and in Provo, and they brought a smile to my face and a few tears to my eyes. Yes, it's been hard, but this chapter of my life has been amazing. I've met some of the best people I know, I gained an invaluable education, I've grown up. Hours and hours of studying for finals, road trips, late night Slurpee runs, all of those memories will be carefully tucked away in a safe corner of my brain, and I'm sure will influence the next part of my life.

So here's to new adventures, in a new place, with a new job, and with new people. And most importantly, here's to warmer weather, am I right?

So folks, I'll try to keep up regular posts here but with Christmas and moving it might be a little tough. But thanks for reading! The comments I get mean the world to me. I always hope that this little space might help someone who feels like no one understands them or gets how they feel, or someone who needs a bit of a laugh. I'll be here for you as much as I can.

Have a very merry, safe, beautiful Christmas!

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  1. I know that wherever you go, you'll be surrounded with great people and greater experiences/adventures, Alexa. And the people you come across in the new place will be those who need you right at that moment of their life. Best of luck with your new job, too! They're lucky to have such an awesome person with a beautiful writing style. :)