Two posts in one day? This might be unheard of. Last week I got to look over the proofs for LDS Living’s article about advice for 21 year olds {thank you for your help if you did}, and I was happy to find that my mom’s advice will be included in the magazine! It was so good I wanted to share it with you. But I will encourage you to read the March/April issue of the magazine. Because there is some great advice in there! But here we go:

1)  Fill your bucket now!  This is the one time in your life, if you are single, where you are independent, and able to make decisions for yourself.  Once you are married and have a family, you need to put others’ needs before your own.  Thus, if there is something you have been dying to do, do it.  Fill your mind with
scriptural knowledge, great books knowledge, and knowledge from people who you know and trust. Create a “bucket” that is full of wonderful experiences and wisdom that you can draw from in the future when you need it for more difficult on stressful times.

2)  Get all the education you can, never stop learning.  If your formal education is complete, begin an informal education process.  Read great books and study about things you couldn’t when you were in college because they weren’t in your major.  Keep learning throughout your life, it will keep you young, and it will keep your mind alert.

3)  As a young woman, find ways that you could earn income from home throughout your mothering years.  I believe it is important to be in the home when raising children, but if you have ways to bring in additional income throughout the years on the side, it can benefit your family in many ways.  It also keeps you sharp and ready in case some emergency should come about.

4)  Have a great savings plan.  Always keep a portion of your income aside for savings for any emergency that might occur.  Try to be as self-reliant as possible and be careful with your expenditures.

5)  Keep physically fit.  That is a blessing you will be grateful throughout your life.  Eat well, work out regularly, and walk whenever you can.  Walking is a great way to connect with your spouse once you get married.  If you do it on a daily basis, it can be a great time to discuss family situations outside the home in a neutral surrounding.

6)  Make a promise to always look your best.  By keeping physically fit, eating properly, and choosing your clothing carefully, you will always feel good about yourself.  When you look your best, your confidence is higher and you can present yourself in a much more positive light.

She’s been giving me this advice all my life, and while I can’t say anything quite yet about the marriage advice, I watch her and my dad and it seems to work. I love you, Mama!

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