daddy dearest.

Yesterday was my dad’s 29th {or so he says} birthday! I was up in Logan without internet, so I couldn’t post until today. So sorry it’s a day late, Dad, but hopefully you understand.

Because my mom, Devin, Tyler, and I were in Logan, and Whitney is in Idaho, my poor dad spent his birthday with the cat. Not exactly the most amazing birthday I would have in mind, but knowing my dad, I’m sure he enjoyed the peace and quiet. When Devin’s at home moments of silence are generally rare and very much appreciated when they do happen {I love you, Devin}.

My dad is the world’s greatest. I’m pretty sure when I was growing up my friends and the friends of my siblings came over to hang out with my dad more than us. In comparison to him I think I’m a little bit boring, so I can’t say that I blame them. My dad was my Seminary teacher for 3 years, and it was the absolute best. I learned so much from his lessons, not only about the gospel but about life in general. The occasional donuts from Bill’s weren’t too bad, either.

One of the things I love most about my dad is how he treats my mom. One of my favorite talks in the October 2011 General Conference was given by Elaine Dalton titled, “Love Her Mother.” Everything about this talk resonates in how my dad treats my mom and his family. I think Sister Dalton’s words better describe the incredible qualities of my father better than I ever could:

“You are not ordinary men. Because of your valiance in the premortal realms, you qualified to be leaders and to possess priesthood power. There you exhibited ‘exceeding faith and good works,’ and you are here now to do the same. Your priesthood sets you apart…Fathers, you are your daughter’s hero…Your daughter will cherish the priesthood and determine in her heart that this is what she wants in her future home and family…So how do you raise a girl? Love her mother. Lead your family to the temple, be guardians of virtue, and magnify your priesthood. Fathers, you have been entrusted with our Heavenly Father’s royal daughters. They are virtuous and elect. It is my prayer that you will watch over them, strengthen them, model virtuous behavior, and teach them to follow in the Savior’s every footstep—for He lives!”

Happy birthday, Dad, and thank you for all the wonderful things you’ve done for me throughout the years. I love you.

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