if i had a million dollars...or $161 plus shipping.

Today is my day off, and hell hath frozen over outside, so leaving my apartment isn't in the cards for today, except for an hour at winco {winco!} to buy some crazy cheap groceries. And "You've Got Mail" is on TV, and we know how I feel about that movie {and here and here}, so that should answer all your questions about what my January 15 is shaping up to be.

And when I'm watching TV on my favorite little corner of my couch and it's -2 degrees outside, I stumble over to Etsy, where I make the biggest of wishlists. I'm at this point in my life where I want to decorate {I hear it's called "nesting" but I hate that}. Give me a house, give me unlimited funds, and let me go crazy. I can decorate my room and my apartment, but there's something about knowing that I won't be here forever and the fact that it isn't mine that takes the fun out of it. But if I were to have my own place and unlimited funds, here is what you would find:

We're going for a slightly "Moonrise Kingdom"/Wes Anderson/tribal/monocled/hunter feel up in here. 

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