lacking some serious motivation.

First of all, the above cookies have nothing to do with this post, I made them last week and they turned out just perfect if I do say so myself. Why is it that when you make cookies to give away, rather than to eat all by yourself, they taste better than normal? Does anyone else have this problem?

Tomorrow is Monday, and I'm not motivated to get everything done that I have to do. Every Sunday I write out my list of goals for the week, and this week's list covered two pages. Kill me dead. Packing, cleaning, getting ready to move, it's all a nightmare. But I've got a few goals I really want to complete, and I'd love it if you'll be the kick I need to get them all done. Help me please? Here they are:

1. Read the New Testament every day
2. Go to the gym at least 3 times
3. Go to the temple
4. Say more meaningful prayers
5. Listen to/read a General Conference talk each day
6. Eat at home

That's not too bad, right? Today in Sunday School and Relief Society we talked about becoming perfect, and while we know that here on earth that's impossible, we can do small things perfectly each day. I love that. So this week I want to be perfect in my gym attendance, I want to be perfect in reading my Scriptures every day, etc. and etc.

Bring it on, week. And I can already say that Saturday can't come soon enough. I hope your week is shaping up to be a little bit better than mine!

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