in review.

When December hits I always get nostalgic for the last 11 months. Call me sappy, I'm well aware of that. It's nothing new. Anyway, here we go, my top 10 moments of 2012, in no particular order...

10. A great General Conference weekend that I got to spend with my brother. That weekend really proved to me that miracles happen. 

9. My internship at LDS Living in Salt Lake City. Everything about it was great. The people I worked with, the opportunities I had, working across the street from Temple Square, the unlimited caffeine at the soda machine on the 6th floor...

8. Graduating. I've never felt so proud of myself for accomplishing something that seemed
like it would never end. I'm also grateful for everything I learned and the person I became at BYU. 

7. Coldplay/Beach roadtrip. This was probably one of the most amazing trips I've been on, with the most amazing people. There's nothing about this trip that I would have changed.

6. Summer. Every single thing about it. Boating, fun with friends, a little bit of a tan and lots of freckles,  and quite a few late nights. 

5. The Olympics. Give me Michael Phelps and I will give you a girl who probably didn't get off her couch for two and a half weeks. At least during swimming, diving, and gymnastics.

4. A little trip home and to San Francisco with my favorite abrasive roommate, Rachel. 

3. Selling my little old Passat for an even better car. I learned that saying goodbye to something you don't really want to say goodbye to is quite the experience.

2. A beautiful Fall. The colors were great, the new friends were much needed, and the hot chocolate overflowed.

1. Christmas at home. This was the last one for two years with the six of us, and it was one I won't forget. 

Happy Christmas Eve!!!

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