number 21.

Last night at 2:30am, in between wanting to go to bed and procrastinating it, I applied for a job in this city. Just for fun, although it would be a dream job. Feeling a little over-confident {as one does at 2:30am}, I thought that my resume rocked, my cover letter was impeccable, and my writing samples were the perfect mix of snarky and informational, just like the application asked for. 

Will I get the job? Eh, I doubt it. But it sure would be a dream come true for me. You all know how I feel about London {and here and here}. It was fun just doing something a little bit adventurous and a little out of my comfort zone. And it was nice to be able to check something off my 24 things list

But, you know, in the off chance that I do get the job, anyone want to move across the pond and be my roommate?

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