in review: 2013.

Oh man. When it comes to New Years I'm the sappiest of the saps. I might as well have the word "nostalgic" written across my forehead because, during the week between Christmas and New Years, I tend to do a lot of reminiscing. I reflect on the good stuff, the hard stuff, the things I did well, the things I can improve on in the next year, etc. But a whole post about that is coming tomorrow. Today is all about happy memories!

So without further ado, and before I burst into tears about another year ending, here are my top ten moments of 2013:

10. Visiting Denver and Breckenridge, Colorado. What a beautiful state! Denver pretty much captured my heart in a way only a few cities have. And I spent the trip with the best people, so, bonus.

9. My birthday weekend was superb. You only have one golden birthday in your life, so I decided to go all out on mine. Even if that meant sending my roommate to the hospital. 

8. General Conference weekend with my family. In April we all got together to take Devin mission shopping and attend General Conference. It was one of the last times we'd all be together for two years, and it was just a good, good weekend. 

7. John FA-REAKING Mayer. This had been my dreamiest dream, to see him in concert, in my favorite place in the world {who knew that 5 months from then I'd be moving there?}.

6. Going cabining. I love cabins, and I love the Hansens' cabin. S'mores, footie pajamas, and gorgeous nature walks. It was a good weekend.

5. Giving Robin Sparkles a run for her money. This was probably the most serious I'd ever been about having an epic Halloween costume, and I think it paid off. 

4. San Francisco. Guys, two weeks and I'll be living there!!!!! I can never get enough of this city. 

3. A weekend outside. Hiking Timp was one of the most physically challenging things I've ever done, but the payoff was so worth it. Will I hike it again? No. 

2. Christmas with my family. Maybe I'm still feeling the post-Christmas blues, but last week was a good one. 

1. Saying "sayonara" to Elder Justesen. That was a hard day! But to see how he's changed and grown up have been worth it. 

Thanks for the memories, 2013.

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